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Swing Dance Moves
Caroline Peterson

Do you have the moves-swing dance moves that is? Swing is getting to be more and more popular today, thanks largely to highly entertaining dance shows with funny celebrities and/or extremely talented dancers. If you have what it takes to do swing then you should grab a partner and enjoy this super fun dance starting right now! Wait a minute-what exactly is swing anyway? If you were like me, ballroom dancing pretty much looks the same, save for the costumes and tempo of the songs the dancers move to. Well, it isn't. There is so much more to ballroom than presentation.

When I started learning how to dance ballroom, I gained a newfound respect for all the professional dancers out there. Types of Swing Dance Moves There are many kinds of swing dance moves, the most popular of which is the Lindy Hop. From this original swing dance birthed the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Fox Trot, Charleston, Shag, Jive, Boogie Woogie and Rock and Roll. Who would've thought right? That's because swing dances are largely determined by the popular tunes of that time so these catchy melodies gradually evolved to fun and hip dance moves. Now, despite of how really crazy (and sometimes tasteless) dances have invaded our consciousness via some less than conservative artists, the art of ballroom dancing is still here, nay, is experiencing a resurgence in our generation. And really, why not? Ballroom is timeless, exciting and beautiful to watch; hence, we see ballroom competitions being held all over the world.

Ballroom competitions have three main criteria that judges decide on: the timing, the technique and the teamwork. That is why it is critical that you dance with a partner that you are comfortable with. Timing and technique you can always improve upon, but teamwork will require you to trust somebody else entirely for a good performance. If you have a good partner you have excellent chemistry with, you just obtained a huge advantage for yourself.

Learning Swing Dance Moves for Fun! I would think though that you, the person reading this, will not be joining competitions insomuch as you'd like to try out swing for the fun of it. If this is so, then don't worry too much about anything other than not having enough fun. If you have a group of friends you like hanging around with so much then you all should take a class together and have the best time learning swing dance moves and other types of ballroom dancing, together.

So what do you want to learn? You can choose from the abovementioned swing dances and ask the instructor to focus on one or two particular dance you all can practice with. How about setting a time and venue and have a mini recital just for fun when you graduate with your lessons? It doesn't really matter who watches or what happens-as long as your video cam is fully charged, you're all set. Alright, there you have it-a good idea just waiting to be taken on! Enjoy life well- and bust out your swing dance moves while you're at it today!

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